Catching a Server-Side Browser Cookie Support Error – Case Study

Internet Explorer CookiesAs with every new release of software, things change. And, like we all expected, there wasn’t an exception to that rule when Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 10 into the mix.

Everyone coding for the web had the normal things to worry about, of course, like design formatting, speed, and support, but one of our clients experienced something that would have taken a long time to catch if they hadn’t been using Exceptionless’ real-time error reporting. (more…)

Find Leaking Exceptions by Eliminating Empty Catch Blocks – Case Study

How a client eliminated 50+ exceptions/hour

Recently, a client contacted us and gave us a pretty incredible case study. He found a huge number of “leaking” exceptions by eliminating all of the empty catch statements in his ASP.NET code and sending an exception to Exceptionless instead. By doing so, he was able to track down about 12 individual bugs and get rid of over 50 exceptions per hour by fixing them. That’s 1200+ exceptions per day – gone! (more…)