Job System Enhancements – Version 2’s Got Em!

Summer means vacations and pool time, but we haven’t stopped working on Exceptionless 2.0. Things are coming along nicely, and today we’re here to talk about the job system and the code being written to enhance it.

After you read this article, check out the previous V2.0 feature and detail articles, if you haven’t already. Good stuff in there!

  1. Exceptionless 2.0 – In the Making
  2. Event Based Reporting System
  3. Simplified API
  4. A Pluggable System
  5. Exceptionless 2.0 Client Rewrite Sneak Peak and Example
  6. New Message Bus and Queuing System
  7. Job System Enhancements


Version 2.0’s New Message Bus and Queueing Systems

In an effort to improve scalability, allow for new functionality to easily be added to Exceptionless, make the system less coupled, process things more efficiently, go fully Async, and further support Azure, we’ve been working hard on a new message bus and queueing system.

Lets take a look at a few of the details surrounding these new systems we’re building for Exceptionless 2.0. Take a look and let us know what you think. If you’ve got questions or comments, we’d love to hear them! (more…)

Exceptionless 2.0 Client Rewrite Sneak Peek Usage Example


As Exceptionless 2.0 continues to become a reality, we thought we would give everyone a little taste of what you will be able to do with the new, rewritten client. Continue reading for a glimpse at the primary features, along with a complete usage example for adding extra data to events.

After you check it out, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We’re listening! (more…)