Sending Log Messages to Exceptionless

Exceptionless Log Message EventsWe’re all about exceptions, but sometimes, as developers, we run into bugs that don’t throw them but still cause major havoc in the system. There are also times we just need to record an event with a custom message to help track down bottlenecks, etc.

That’s where Exceptionless meets log messages.

In Exceptionless 2.0, you can now send custom log messages to a Log Messages dashboard where they can be tracked and view just like exceptions and other events.

Lets take a closer look… (more…)

Logging Feature Usages with Exceptionless

Exceptionless Feature UsageThe ability to log feature usages is one of the many new… features… of Exceptionless 2.0.

If you want to know when a button is being clicked, or what users are doing certain tasks, feature usage logging will help you track and visualize each occurrence.

What you learn from logging these types of feature usages might surprise you, and at the very least you’ll know more about how users interact with your system. (more…)

IT’S GO TIME – Exceptionless 2.0 Launched!

version-2.0-launchedToday, after much development and weeks of live user testing and feedback, we have officially released Exceptionless 2.0 into the wild!

Users will notice a completely new interface and experience numerous new features and improvements, highlighted below. Existing users that update their clients (not required) will experience improved client efficiency, the ability to send us logs, and more. We believe 2.0 will usher in a new era in event reporting and logging, becoming a true asset to developers everywhere.

Shipping 2.0 out to our amazing customers has us overwhelmed with excitement, and we can’t wait to see all the new ways in which Exceptionless will be used to squash bugs and improve apps everywhere. Read on for more details on updating existing clients and all the new features and changes. We know you’ll love it.