Filter and Searching Tutorial Video – Exceptionless

Exceptionless Search FilteringOne of the most requested features from the beginning of Exceptionless 1.0 was a filtering and searching system. When we started developing Exceptionless 2.0, we knew it was one of the major features we wanted to include.

We couldn’t just throw in a string search and hope for the best. We had to build it in a way that let users perform basic and advanced filtering, easily, with fast and streamlined results.

Enter Exceptionless filtering and searching. You can filter by organization, project, multiple time frame selectors, and specific event variables (with modifiers).

Watch the video below for a quick test drive, and read further down the page for more details and links! (more…)

An Exceptionless NuGet Package Tour

Exceptionless NuGet PackagesGiving back to the development community is important to us over here at Exceptionless. We love open source!

As such, the Exceptionless NuGet assembly library, with 31 assemblies and over 176,000 package downloads, is ever growing and expanding right along with our GitHub repos.

We thought we would give everyone a quick tour, and at the same time perhaps provide a good resource and reference page.

Don’t forget, though – this page may be out-dated by the time you view it, so please view our full library on NuGet. (more…)

How to Add a Plugin to Affect Events in Exceptionless

Exceptionless PluginsA plugin is a client-side addin that is run every time you submit an event.

Plugins can be used to add or remove data from an event, or even allow you to cancel an event submission.

Each client-specific implementation registers a plugin to provide client-specific information like request info, environmental info, etc. These abilities make plugins very powerful.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at Exceptionless Plugins and how they are used.