Squash Bugs Faster & Speed Up Development with Exceptionless

Developer Bug Tracking

Calling All Developers!

Stop beating your head against the keyboard tracking down those hard-to-find bugs and cut down your development time in general by using Exceptionless to report and log errors, feature usages, and any other event within your project.

We’re not just for .NET developers anymore. Our JavaScript client allows you to use Exceptionless in almost any development environment, and you can get it up and running in minutes!

Learn more below, including how to get started in just about a minute and a half! (more…)

User Spotlight, Plus Fun Stats – Thank You to All of Our Awesome Users!

Exceptionless Growth StatisticsThis month (Aug, ’15) we will surpass 5 MILLION EVENTS PER MONTH!

That’s pretty huge, so we thought we would celebrate by highlighting a few of the awesome companies that use Exceptionless and throw out a some pretty cool statistics we dug up from the database.

If your company isn’t on this list, don’t worry – it’s not because we don’t love you! If you would like your company highlighted on the website, simply send us an in-app message explaining how Exceptionless has helped you squash bugs and improve your development. (more…)