Open Source Bug Tracking Tool

Bug tracking software makes your developers’ lives easier by finding, logging, and tracking bugs in your code. It’s important to have some sort of issue tracking in place so your team can quickly respond to errors before they fester and multiply. Exceptionless catches bugs in real time and compiles important information about what caused them. This detailed error reporting lets your developers spend time actually developing features that improve your revenue, not chasing down bugs.

Stop Losing Customers to Bugs You Know Nothing About!

No code is completely perfect all the time and the more hands there are in the development process, the more likely you are to have issues. Content releases, patches, and updates can cause unexpected bugs and exceptions that can have a huge impact on functionality. If you miss them in testing and don’t have some sort of bug tracking software / service in place, you may not find them for weeks or months. Sometimes years!

Every moment they stay under your radar, you could be losing potential customers, leads, and revenue because your code is broken. Bug tracking tools like Exceptionless helps your development team track down bugs on nearly any platform in real-time. The compiled data is sent to our user friendly dashboard where you can prioritize your workload and squash the most damaging bugs first.

Capture & Track Bugs

Capture bugs as they happen in real time, anywhere in your code, and send them to your dashboard. From here you can create organizational tags, mark critical bugs, and review the detailed error report to help find the cause.

bug tracking dashboard log
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More Time Coding, Less Time Fixing Bugs

Finding the cause of a bug takes time and, sometimes, the conditions can’t be replicated locally. Your developers’ time is limited and expensive. Exceptionless does the leg work for you so they can spend time on actual working features, not investigating bugs.

Granular Error Reporting

Bugs are automatically logged with critical information about their cause since replication may not be possible. These errors are compiled in our event logging dashboard and can be organized by a wide range of criteria. With our custom object feature, you can easily add your own criteria to these reports too!


Fixing Bugs Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

The more complex your application, the more complex your bugs will be. You need advanced tools to help you quickly drill down to the bug’s cause and simplify the process because fixing bugs is tedious and no one really likes doing it. You’d rather be doing anything else. However, it has to be done.

We started Exceptionless because there are only so many times you can try to replicate a bug, track it down manually, or use a clunky tool before you need something better. In a perfect world, code would work flawlessly. That world doesn’t exist, but Exceptionless is making this one a little better, one bug at a time.

  • User friendly dashboard with event stats and trends
  • Detailed error reports (including stacktrace)
  • Unlimited users per organization
  • Fast & easy setup in less than 5 mins
  • View events in real time as they happen
  • Mark exceptions as fixed & monitor for regressions