Exceptionless Helps Identify Issue Affecting 25,000 Users – Case Study

CEVO, Inc. LogoCase study time!

Today we’ve got a great example of Exceptionless helping software developers identify major issues in their web applications affecting thousands of users.

In this case, the problem was major enough that the development team stopped using WPF and rewrote their entire UI layer!

Here’s what Will Graham, CEVO, Inc. developer, had to say when we asked him a few Exceptionless case study questions. (more…)

Simple App Deployment with Azure Continuous Deployment and GitHub

simple app deploymentWe’ve learned a lot about simple app deployment since we first started Exceptionless. We initially went with what everyone else was doing (Octopus Deploy), but over time we thought we could greatly simplify and automate it, letting us focus on what matters, improving the product!

Through a lot of testing and iterations of our deployment process, we think we finally nailed it.

As such, we’d like to share with the community how we use Microsoft Azure Continuous Deployment and GitHub for awesomely simple deployments. And, how you can too. See the details of implementing this deploy workflow later in the article, below. (more…)

Replacing DIY Exception Logging with Exceptionless – Case Study

referral-rock-logoToday we bring you a case study from the founder of Referral Rock and serial entrepreneur, Joshua Ho.

Referral Rock is a referral platform for small businesses that Josh created after he “… realized small businesses lacked the tools to make a customer referral program work.” The app allows businesses to easily and effectively create, implement, and administer a rock-solid referral program to help grow their business.

Exceptionless recently became a part of Referral Rock’s exception reporting and logging toolkit, replacing Joshua’s home-grown exception logging solutions, and here are his thoughts!


Find Software Bugs with the Exceptionless JavaScript Client in Minutes

Exceptionless JavaScript Client
If you missed our JavaScript Client announcement, this is a great chance to see just how quick and easy the client is to install and use! You can be finding those hard to track down bugs, errors, and exceptions, as well as tracking other events and log messages, in literally minutes.

We’ve made it super easy to get up and running, as you’ll see below. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Report & Log Errors & Events in 1:37


User Spotlight, Plus Fun Stats – Thank You to All of Our Awesome Users!

Exceptionless Growth StatisticsThis month (Aug, ’15) we will surpass 5 MILLION EVENTS PER MONTH!

That’s pretty huge, so we thought we would celebrate by highlighting a few of the awesome companies that use Exceptionless and throw out a some pretty cool statistics we dug up from the database.

If your company isn’t on this list, don’t worry – it’s not because we don’t love you! If you would like your company highlighted on the website, simply send us an in-app message explaining how Exceptionless has helped you squash bugs and improve your development. (more…)

Exceptionless Case Study – Scientific Lab Equipment

blog-header-image-small-case-studyIt’s always great to hear back from our users, whether it’s a simple “atta boy” or a full page’s worth of feedback.

Today we thought it would be nice to share a recent case study from one of our users that lives in the scientific laboratory and processing equipment space. Their company is a leading provider of stirring, mixing, and kneading machines, among other things, that are used by the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, paint, cosmetic, and plastics industries around the world. Neat!

“It helps me zero in on what could be the issue, AND have a documented track of what all errors I’ve seen.”


IT’S GO TIME – Exceptionless 2.0 Launched!

version-2.0-launchedToday, after much development and weeks of live user testing and feedback, we have officially released Exceptionless 2.0 into the wild!

Users will notice a completely new interface and experience numerous new features and improvements, highlighted below. Existing users that update their clients (not required) will experience improved client efficiency, the ability to send us logs, and more. We believe 2.0 will usher in a new era in event reporting and logging, becoming a true asset to developers everywhere.

Shipping 2.0 out to our amazing customers has us overwhelmed with excitement, and we can’t wait to see all the new ways in which Exceptionless will be used to squash bugs and improve apps everywhere. Read on for more details on updating existing clients and all the new features and changes. We know you’ll love it.


Case Study: Server Expiration Error for Pre-Alpha Game Release

game-postToday we’ve got a pretty cool case study that comes to us from a game development studio!

We love to see Exceptionless being used by companies with interesting projects and development pipelines, and what’s more interesting than gaming, multi-server, and multi-player environments?

These guys also gave us some good feedback, which we’ll address.

Check it out! (more…)

A Few Recent Exceptionless Case Studies

Error Stack Dashboard

We like to know how Exceptionless is helping its users, and we love it when we get feedback! Every once in a while, we like to share a story or two so we can drive home the benefits of having a real-time exception logging service tied into code projects.

Surveys are sometimes sent out to users, and we wanted to share a few recent responses. (more…)