Exceptionless 2.0 Client Rewrite Sneak Peek Usage Example


As Exceptionless 2.0 continues to become a reality, we thought we would give everyone a little taste of what you will be able to do with the new, rewritten client. Continue reading for a glimpse at the primary features, along with a complete usage example for adding extra data to events.

After you check it out, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We’re listening! (more…)

Detailed Error Reports – What’s Included?

When an error occurs in your app, you need to know the critical details, fast, so you can drill down and fix it. We get it – we’re developers too – that’s why we built Exceptionless.

The trick was organizing the data so it didn’t overwhelm our users, while still providing all the important stuff so developers wouldn’t have to spend extra time tracking down versions, requesting stack traces, or pulling teeth to get environment information.

Lets take a look at theĀ default information included with every error. We say default because you can easily add your own information with custom objects. (more…)