Fork Us! Exceptionless Goes Open Source

GitHub OctocatIt's a big day at Exceptionless.

We are super excited to announce that we are open sourcing the Exceptionless code! That's right, now you can hack on our real-time error reporting tool yourself.

Too many apps are throwing too many errors out there, resulting in confused users, lost business, and endless frustration.

We believe Exceptionless can help the development community become more in-tune with their code by making those errors more transparent, trackable, and squashable. More importantly, we want to support developers building and shipping better code for their users.

Cool, Where Do I Start? #

Check out the Exceptionless Github Repository, and make sure to read about contributing if you plan on helping us improve the project.

You'll find instructions on getting started there, including setting up your hosting environment if you want to host things yourself. If you would rather host with us, we offer easy and affordable plans.

If you have a feature request or issue, let us know on the issue tracker. We are 100% committed to supporting the project.

Why Open Source? #

In short, we want to see what the community can do with our baby, which we consider a great development tool. The open source movement has provided innovation throughout the industry, and we cannot tell you how excited we are to be a part of it.

We hope you will take it, add to it, suggest great new features, and report bugs, but most of all we hope you will use it to build better apps for the world.

The Exceptionless Team will continue to work on a road map of features and improvements, all while providing support to developers that want to contribute.

Planned features/enhancements #

  • Refactor client so that the base client is a PCL library thus supporting WinRT and Mono.
  • Implement search features using ElasticSearch.
  • JavaScript client for reporting client side errors.
  • Refactor the API and UI to be completely separate layers and rewrite the UI as a SPA app using AngularJS.
  • Add a server side plugin system that allows new functionality to be easily added like HipChat notifications.

Ideas for the community #

These include just a few of feature requests, etc, that aren't in the team's immediate pipeline that you might consider tackling.

  • Clients for Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, etc
  • Ability to log non-exception data
  • Teams within organizations
  • Bookmarks

Lets make something awesome #

We have spent a lot of time on Exceptionless, but together with the community we can take it to the next level. Check out the GitHub repo today, and happy coding!

Watch out, exceptions!