Exceptionless Customers & Users
Exceptionless Users & Customers

Why Exceptionless?

You’re Losing Users, Leads, and Customers

Chances are, you’re losing users every day because of minor or major bugs or errors that aren’t being reported in your app or website. Exceptionless catches these bugs and notifies you, allowing you to fix them quickly and retain those users.

Innovate, Don’t Get Stuck Fixing Bugs!

Developers should be building the next big thing or adding that revenue-doubling feature, not wasting their time tracking down bugs that could have been caught right away and fixed during the development process. Progress, not regress.

Be That Company

You know that company. The one everyone loves because their systems, website, applications, tools, etc just work! You want to be those guys, and Exceptionless can help you get there by helping make sure the code powering your services is error free!

"Exceptionless is awesome. I’ve STOPPED worrying about whether I’m losing customers to bugs I don’t know about." – Eric B
"Exceptionless allows us to prioritize fixes smarter by showing frequently occurring errors. In real time!"
– Ryan H.

Make Developer Life Easier

Simply put, Exceptionless makes developer life easier by reporting, logging, tracking, and providing the important details about bugs in real time so action can be taken and the developer can move on to important things, like working on actual features.

Unique Features

  • Detailed Dashboard
  • Unlimited Users per Organization
  • Easy & Fast Setup
  • Event Notifications
  • Mark Events as Fixed or Critical
  • Monitor Fixed Events for Regression
  • Detailed Error Reports
  • Real-time View as Events Occur
  • Open Source – Self Host for Free! (affordable hosting available)

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