Exception Handling & Logging Tool for ASP.NET, Web API, WebForms, WPF, Console, MVC, and more

Visual .NET Exception GraphHaving a handle on your code's errors is important. Thousands, if not millions, of exceptions are thrown every day in production code without anyone knowing. These errors might be affecting the bottom line, or they could be negligible - either way, it's important to know that they exist, how often they are occurring, and what parts of the app are affected.

Are you looking for a comprehensive tool that handles logging, reporting, grouping, and notifications for exceptions in your ASP.NET, Web API, WebForms, WPF, Console, MVC, or NancyFX app? Exceptionless does all that, and more. Lets take a look.

Who is Exceptionless for? #

Exceptionless is for developers and dev teams that want to have enhanced visibility of errors, track down bugs faster, tighten up code, and produce a better overall product for the end user.

Currently, the platform is .NET based and has client support for ASP.NET, Web API, WebForms, WPF, Console, MFC, and NancyFX. Soon, we will support clients for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and more. Developers are welcome to work on supporting other technologies, as well. Contributors receive free hosting credits!

Take the Tour #

Grouping Error DashboardIn a nutshell, Exceptionless provides a dashboard, detailed error reports, custom object handling, intelligent error grouping, email notifications, and a fluent API for sending manual error reports.

Take a look at the tour page for more details on each feature, and follow the the links at the end of each section to read even more about each. Specifically, make sure to check out the in-depth look at the Exceptionless project portal blog post. It has screenshots and explanations for each feature.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or sign up and take it for a test drive - implementation takes minutes!

Open Source - Host it Yourself or with Us #

Back in February, we went open source, allowing developers that have the resources and infrastructure to host Exceptionless for free. Since then, we've had several contributors to the project and more than 50 forks. Pretty exciting stuff!

We offer extremely reasonable hosting services for those that would prefer we handle that side of things. The single user, single project hosting account is free, then the small team account starts at $15 per month. Pricing scales from there. Check out the Pricing Plans page for full pricing details and frequently asked questions.