Exceptionless 2.0 - In the Making

Exceptionless Version 2.0 Sneak PeekIt may seem quiet in Exceptionless land, but the truth is we've been writing, and re-writing, more code than you can point a cursor at. If it weren't a labor of love, our fingers would have mutinied long ago, but luckily they are in it for the long haul and are churning out some seriously sweet new features and rewrites.

Exceptionless 2.0 will include many of the feature requests that have come in since we launched, and will drastically expand on the current functionality. We know you'll love it, so continue reading for a high level view of what's coming in the near future.

Event Based System #

Many users have asked for ways to use Exceptionless to report additional types of events, rather than just errors. With 2.0, we are moving to an event based system that will accommodate this.

API Simplified #

Since going open source, we've wanted to simplify the API and make it easier to work with. We're taking the time to do it now, and it's going to be awesome. Watch out!

Pluggable System #

Plugins will allow customization and translation throughout the Exceptionless platform, including integration with third-party services and more.

Client Rewrite #

The client is being re-written be highly simplified and extensible, opening up platform support and ease of functionality additions.

Coming Soon #

Version 2.0 is coming soon. In the mean time, look for more details and sneak peeks containing examples of functionality and usage. We can't wait to show the world!

Don't forget to follow along with the development on GitHub and watch Exceptionless 2.0 while it's being built!