New Price Plans for Medium to Large Teams/Projects

We've had quite a few requests for pricing plans that support users, retention, and errors somewhere between our old medium and enterprise plans, so we crunched the numbers and came up with new large and extra large plans that find a happy medium.

Both plans include more users, more retention, and more errors. Check out the details on each package below or view the Pricing Page for a quick summary.

Free #

The free plan, which is great for trying things out or super small personal projects, includes provisions for one project, one user, three days of error retention, and three thousand errors per month.

It does not include premium features such as advanced notifications, web hooks, and other future premium features.

Small - $15 #

For $15 per month, you get five projects, ten users, thirty days of retention, 15,000 errors per month, and premium features.

Medium - $49 #

The medium Exceptionless plan offers fifteen projects and twenty-five users. You get ninety days of retention, 75,000 errors per month, and premium features.

Large Plan - $99 (new) #

The large plan is new, and includes unlimited projects and users, 180 days of error retention, 250,000 errors per month, and premium features.

This is quickly becoming a popular plan and makes sense for a lot of medium to medium-large teams and projects.

Extra Large - $199 (new) #

The extra large plan was created to bridge the gap between large and enterprise by quadrupling the number of errors per month to 1,000,000. You still get unlimited projects and users, as well as 180 days of retention and premium features.

Enterprise - $499 #

For those businesses and enterprise-level teams that have several large projects and need to handle huge numbers of errors, the Enterprise plan offers everything that the Extra Large plan offers, with 3,000,000 errors per month.

Custom #

And, of course, should you need to customize a plan to handle even more errors, we can always get you taken care of, just let us know!