Upcoming Exceptionless Version 2.0 Overview & Review

Many of you guys have been following along in previous posts as we went through the details of the new features and enhancements coming with the next version of Exceptionless, V2.0.

To make things easier for everyone, we thought we'd do an overview post as well, so all the new features can be found in one location and people can click to read more on the specific ones they are interested in.

Exceptionless 2.0 Features & Enhancements #

Event Based Reporting System #

Post Event ExceptionlessMany users have asked for ways to use Exceptionless to report additional types of events, rather than just errors. With version 2.0, we are moving to an event based system that will accommodate such requests.

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Simplified API #

Exceptionless API Documentation2.0 will have a new, manageable API with tons of great documentation and examples. Take a look at the preliminary documentation at the below link, and make sure to give us any feedback you might have.

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A Pluggable System #

Pluggable SystemThe new pluggable system will allow customization and translation throughout the Exceptionless platform, including integration with third-party services and more. Read on for more details and source code about event parsing, the event pipeline, and formatting.

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Client Rewrite #

new-client-headerThe Exceptionless client has been completely rewritten to be highly simplified and extensible, work with Mono and Project K, include additional platform specific clients, and much more. Take a look at an extended event data usage example at the link below.

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New Message Bus & Queueing #

In an effort to improve scalability, allow for new functionality to easily be added to Exceptionless, make the system less coupled, process things more efficiently, go fully Async, and further support Azure, we’ve been working hard on a new message bus and queueing system.

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Job System Enhancements #

A lot of time has been spent on enhancing the job system behind Exceptionless. From the ability to run jobs standalone, making testing easier, to more ways to run jobs and the ability to auto-scale jobs based on resource constraints, lots of great changes are coming!

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Feedback Welcome! #

If you've taken a look at the upcoming features and have any comments, please let us know! We're working on everything as fast and hard as we can, and will hopefully have an ETA to have everything finished soon.