Exceptionless 2.0 User Interface FIRST LOOK

We can prove it! Exceptionless 2.0 is real, and we've got evidence!

We've been wanting to give everyone a sneak peak for a long time, and today we are excited to finally be able to. Watch the video above to see a high level overview of the new UI and features.

There are still quite a few small things to take care of before we release it, but we are happy to say that we are around the 85% mark as far as being finished. Once we get closer, we will be putting up a live demo/preview site for everyone to play with and give feedback on.

Please don't hesitate to give us any feedback you may have after watching the video or reading the transcript below. We want to hear it!

Video Transcript #

Exceptionless 2.0 Lets take a quick look around, shall we?

Everything is built on angularJS and talking to the REST api, so the UI itself is static, with no more server-rendered views.

There are a few upfront differences - mainly the fact that we're using all the screen real estate now and everything is mobile responsive

On the left navigation bar, we have the 4 default event types, exceptions, log messages, broken links, and feature usages. Each has a dashboard, most recent, most frequent, and new view, which generates a page very similar to what you're used to seeing.

As promised with version 2.0, we also have an all events section, which you can send literally any event to. We'll go into more detail on that in future posts and videos.

Cross Project Views & Filtering #

If we move to the top navigation bar, we see that you can now view data across all projects or by individual projects - a highly requested feature. We then have a quick time period selector, and finally the new filtering system, which allows you to quickly filter your exceptions. We'll show off that feature in it's own video soon.

Bulk Actions! #

Moving down into the data portion of the view, one feature that actually isn't new is that you can click and drag to select a period of time on the graph. Just a quick pointer there. Something that is new is the ability to select multiple exceptions or instances of an exception and perform bulk actions on it, such as Mark Fixed, Mark Hidden, or Delete. Again, more on that soon.

Anywhere. Anytime. #

One last quick feature that we thought we would highlight today is that all times are now translated to the user's timezone, so your team members can always be working in their specific time no matter where they are.

That's about it for today, but keep an eye out for more updates as we close in on a release date for Exceptionless 2.0. We know some of these features and enhancements have been on your request list, and we're really excited to be this close to shipping them for you guys.

Until next time, take care!