Exceptionless Documentation has Moved & Grown

Exceptionless-documentation-githubThe Exceptionless documentation has moved to GitHub!

Over the past few weeks, we have taken all the existing documentation on the docs subdomain and migrated it over to the respective GitHub repo.

We also pulled out worthy examples, demos, and tutorials from past blog posts and created pages for those, so information is in a more centralized area that is hopefully easier for our users to locate and utilize.

As new features, demos, examples, and clients come online, expect to see them added to the new documentation system and updated regularly.

Exceptionless Documentation Tour #

Primary Documentation (hub) #


This documentation contains all the documentation and details/usage for the platform's features and dashboard/ui. That includes information on project settings, security, API usage, filtering & searching, email notifications, bulk actions, frequently asked questions, how to contribute to the project, and the basic requirements to run the platform.

And, of course, you can get to the documentation for the individual clients (below) from this primary site as well.

Basically, you can always start here and branch out to whatever client or feature you're looking for documentation for.

Check it out!

.NET Client Documentation #


As you may have guessed, this documentation site resides within the Exceptionless.NET repo and contains .NET-specific info, examples, demos, and tutorials for different features. If you're a .NET user, this should be where you look for examples if you're just getting started or solutions to troubleshooting problems if you've run into a snag.

View the .NET Docs

JavaScript / Node.js Client Documentation #


The newest addition to Exceptionless, our JavaScript / Node.js client, needs a place for documentation too! Naturally, that place is within the Exceptionless.JavaScript repo! Here you'll find JavaScript-specific details, examples, and tutorials for things like configuring the client, sending events, self hosting, RequireJS, SystemJS, TypeScript, Express, and client configuration values.

We really hope this helps users familiarize themselves with the JavaScript client and get the most benefit out of it. We know its flexibility will help a ton of developers get their apps in order.

View the JavaScript Docs

You Can Contribute, Too! #

Do you know something that could use a better example, description, or tutorial? Have you put together something that would add value for other Exceptionless users if added to the documentation? Shoot any thoughts, examples, feedback, or requests our way and we'll make sure it gets handled properly.