User Spotlight, Plus Fun Stats - Thank You to All of Our Awesome Users!

Exceptionless Growth StatisticsThis month (Aug, '15) we will surpass 5 MILLION EVENTS PER MONTH!

That's pretty huge, so we thought we would celebrate by highlighting a few of the awesome companies that use Exceptionless and throw out a some pretty cool statistics we dug up from the database.

If your company isn't on this list, don't worry - it's not because we don't love you! If you would like your company highlighted on the website, simply send us an in-app message explaining how Exceptionless has helped you squash bugs and improve your development.

Fun Stats #

  • Nearly 2000 ACTIVE projects
  • More than 1350 ACTIVE organizations
  • Right at 100 new organizations and 140 new users per month!
  • 800,000 new events each month, month over month - 4,600,000 total in July!

A Few of Our Awesome Users/Companies #

User Report #

userreport_logo_cmykUser Report is an online survey and feedback tool used to collect information about and from website visitors. The data User Report's tools identifies is useful in usability studies, helps websites better identify their demographics, gives users an easy way to provide feedback, and more. The company's solutions are used by ebay, Toyota, National Geographic, and other large national and international brands.

Visit the User Report website to learn more.

eMarketer #

eMarketerLogo-blackUsed by Facebook, MasterCard, and other large worldwide brands, eMarketer provides insights into the digital marketing world by providing customers with the information they need to run their business effectively and efficiently online. This information includes industry-specific research, insights, and benchmarks.

"Exceptionless allows us to prioritize fixes smarter by showing frequently occurring errors. In real time!" - Ryan Hoffman, eMarketer

Actipro Software #

PageHeaderCompanyLogoActipro Software provides industry-leading .NET user interface controls for a variety of frameworks, including WPF, WinRT, Silverlight, and WinForms. They are known for their syntax-highlighting code editor control, SyntaxEditor, among other things.

.NET developers should definitely check out Actipro Software.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital #

BIDMC is one of the nation's preeminent academic medical centers focusing on excellence in clinical care, research, and education.


"The primary reasons that we switched to Exceptionless from our own code is that Exceptionless captures additional detail (including code line numbers), Exceptionless has a better interface and design for reviewing and managing errors and bugs (including summary views that we didn’t previously have), and we no longer need to maintain our own error-logging code." - Philip Dickerson, BIDMC

LegalDesk #

legaldesk.logoLegalDesk is software designed for managing law firms or independent legal practices and includes everything from document organization and sharing to timesheets and finances/billing.

Check out LegalDesk's Website (Italian)

CodeSmith Tools #

codesmith-tools-largeCodeSmith Tools is a Dallas-based software development company focused on creating software tools that increase developer productivity. Their flagship product, CodeSmith Generator, has seen huge success over the years as a template driven source code generator that automates common application source code creation for text-based languages. They also provide a variety of frameworks for generating proven architectures.

Learn more about CodeSmith Generator or CodeSmith's other Frameworks.


imagesXIKA is a laboratory equipment maker in the research and development field that builds innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and the specially developed software for analysis applications.

"I’m using Exceptionless to report bugs /crashes which I encounter routinely while testing the UI. It helps me zero in on what could be the issue, AND have a documented track of what all errors I’ve seen... I’d say that Exceptionless helps me find all the bugs which I’d have to spend more time on zeroing in on, faster." - Bharat Mallapur, IKA

Want to learn more, visit

Teamaton #

logo-tagline-teamatonTeamaton is a small software development company focused on creating user-friendly and profitable web applications for its clients using .NET technologies.

Right now, Teamaton is working on an intuitive time tracking tool where they have implemented Exceptionless to monitor errors during development.

Learn more at

The Agileist #

the-agileistThe Agileist is a development company based in Kansas City that specializes in Azure web development, systems development, and systems integration in an agile environment.

Thanks Again! #

Once again, we'd like to extend our thanks to all the awesome users we have that make Exceptionless such a great project to work on and use. Everyone has provided excellent feedback, allowing us to continue pushing towards a faster, more efficient, more effective solution for all your error and event reporting needs.