Squash Bugs Faster & Speed Up Development with Exceptionless

Developer Bug Tracking

Calling All Developers!

**Stop** beating your head against the keyboard tracking down those hard-to-find bugs and cut down your development time in general by using Exceptionless to **report and log errors, feature usages, and any other event** within your project.

We're not just for .NET developers anymore. Our JavaScript client allows you to use Exceptionless in almost **any development environment**, and you can get it up and running in minutes!

Learn more below, including how to get started in **just about a minute and a half**!

Now Serving...
**5,000,000+ Events Per Month
2000+ Active Projects**

"Exceptionless is awesome. I've STOPPED worrying about whether I'm losing customers to bugs I don't know about." - Eric B.

Up & Running In Minutes #

This 1:37 video demonstrates how quick and easy it is to get the Exceptionless JavaScript client up and running. Take a few minutes to integrate it with your project and gain visibility you've never had before on bugs, feature usages, and more!


"Exceptionless allows us to prioritize fixes smarter by showing frequently occurring errors. In real time!" - Ryan H.

The only thing you need to get started is a free Exceptionless account, or you can even host it yourself! Once you have that, you can user the JavaScript or .NET client to get started pushing events to your new dashboard.

Then you'll be on your way to becoming... Exceptionless.