Exceptionless.NET 3.2 Release Notes

Exceptionless LogoThe .NET Exceptionless client has received several improvements and some bug fixes in version 3.2. Details below!

A special shout-out to @airwareic, @srijken, @xbelt, and @mgnslndh for contributing and helping make this release happen. You guys rock!

Please download and update to the latest source here, and you can view the full change log here.

.NET Exceptionless Client v3.2.0 Release Details #

Additions & Improvements #

Read Configuration
We added support for reading configuration from environmental variables and app settings

**Closing Applications
** Closing applications after submission is now easier due to the new SubmittedEvent event handler.

**Custom Persistence Settings
** The new QueueMaxAttempts and QueueMaxAge configuration settings allow custom persistence settings and are intended to improve offline support. Thanks @airwareic!

Data Exclusions Improvements
We've made huge improvements to Data Exclusions, which now check default data and extra exception properties.

**New Overloads
** Thanks @xbelt for creating overloads for CreateLog and SubmitLog to accept the LogLevel enum!

Custom Themes
@mgnslndh updated the styling of the CrashReportDialog to play nice with custom themes. Thanks!

** All dependencies (Nancy, NLog, etc) have been updated.

** The EnableSSL property has been marked Obsolete because it is no longer used. ServerURL is now being looked at for this.

Fixes #

** Startup() was overriding configured dependencies - Fixed!

**Empty Errors
** We fixed a bug where you could have empty errors submitted with no stack trace info.

API Keys

  • Previously set valid API keys were being overwritten with default API keys, so we fixed it.
  • We also fixed an issue where ApiKey couldn't be changed after the client was initialized.

Reference IDs
An issue with submitting generated reference IDs was resolved, thanks to @srijken

**Updating WebAPI Package
** @srijken also fixed another issue where updating the WebApi package would remove the Exceptionless Module. Thanks again!

Nlog wasn't working with .NET 4.0. This has been resolved.

There was a problem that caused IsolatedStorage to not be able to be used. Fixed!

Min Log Level
NLog and log4net have been updated to allow setting the min log level.

What Say You? #

As always, we're listening to your feedback, comments, suggestions, and rants!