Upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.x to 5.x - Live Coding Session

elasticsearch 1.x to 1.5 upgrade

New Weekly Coding Live Stream #

In the first episode our all new weekly live streaming demo session, Blake talks about the recent push to migrate Exceptionless from Elasticsearch 1.x to Elasticsearch 5.x.

One major part of this project has been updating Foundatio.Repositories and Foundatio.parsers, both of which are parts of our pluggable foundation block project for building distributed apps, to support Elasticsearch 5.x.

Once that was complete, we then worked on reindex scripts for migrating data from Elasticsearch 1.x to 5.x using Elasticsearch's external reindex.

Check out the live stream, and tune in weekly for the next episode.

Want Blake to demo something specific? Just leave a comment here and we'll make sure he gets it done!


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