Exceptionless 4.0 Enhancement Overview - Live Code Demo

Exceptionless 4 Enhancement Overview

We recently announced Exceptionless 4.0, but we also recorded a short demo of some of the enhancements and talked through them.

In this live code/feature/functionality review video, Blake talks about:

  • Deploying Elasticsearch 5.x to production with completely new Azure resources.

  • Fixing bugs and doing extensive testing on the new Elasticsearch 5 and Azure implementation.

  • Massive performance boosts due to daily indexes, SSD-backed storage, and bug fixes. These boosts should result in near0instant page loads and huge improvements to session dashboards.

  • Automating cluster setup using Azure CLI and Elasticsearch ARM Templates.

  • A new custom SSH script that allows us to quickly and securely connect to machines, as well as forward ports for things like Kibana.

  • New Azure resources and dashboards.

  • Setting up WebJobs to run as cron jobs.

  • We also found PM2, a new way to manage Node.js services for our StatsD service.


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