Live Code Demo & Review of Exceptionless 4.0 Launch

During the Exceptionless 4.0 Release, we covered a lot of enhancements and changes. In this week's Live Code Demo, Blake reviews the 4.0 release notes and talks through other tweaks and post-launch cleanup.

In this Live Code Demo Episode... #

  • Exceptionless 4.0 has been released for a few weeks now, with ElasticSearch 5 running in production for even longer. Let's take another look at the release notes and talk through some notable topics.
  • We look at the self hosting & upgrading documentation, which has been updated for Exceptionless 4.0.
  • In the process of the latest release, we upgraded Foundatio to new csproject format, logging many bugs on the .NET CLI along the way. Blake reviews this in the above video as well.
  • In the end, we obviously had to merge in pull requests and clean up issues, which he also reviews.
  • Lastly, we cleaned up the new Azure infrastructure!


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