Weekly Update - Bug Fixes, Archival Format Changes, and Foundatio Updates

This week we've got some cool stuff in our weekly update! Along with the below, you can now follow along over on the new YouTube Exceptionless Weekly Updates playlist, so make sure to check it out and subscribe!

Let's Get Down To Business #

Updates to Exceptionless #

  • We fixed an issue where you couldn't run Exceptionless on AWS because you couldn't install plugins on their ElasticSearch service. #280

  • The archival format has also been change from projected\year\month\day to year\month\day\hour\projectid. This allows you to quickly restore or download all events in a time period without enumerating all backed up projects.

Foundatio Updates #

  • In Foundatio, we fixed an issue where Redis Queues could deadlock, causing them to stop processing. This was being caused from topic messages locking the calling thread.

Updates to Foundatio Repositories #

  • GetById and GetByIds now take an Id Type which allows us to specify routing information and much more. We have an implicit conversion that handles existing signatures.


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