Weekly Update for 4/24/17 - Blake Speaking @ North Dallas .NET and more!

In this week'd update, Blake does a little traveling and speaking, and both Exceptionless and Foundatio.Repositories get an update!

Blake Speaks @ North Dallas .NET #

On May 3, Blake spoke at the North Dallas .NET User Group meetup in Plano. The topic was Exception Driven Development, and of course he killed it! Naturally, the Exceptionless love was shared to all.

Exceptionless & Foundatio.Repositories Updates #

For Exceptionless, we worked on upgrading the email templates to use Zurb for emails and handlebars. We also fixed an issue where you could only log in 15 times in a 15 minute time period.

For Foundatio.Repositories, query if (FieldEqualsIf) support has been added.


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