Collect Project Level Usage Stats, UI Updates, Foundatio Updates - Weekly Video 5/8/2017

We've snuck in lots of updates for this past week! New features have been added, such as collecting project-level usage statistics, the ability to add notes to API keys, and much more. Oh, and we're no longer throttling free plans! That's for Exceptionless core, but we've also made updates  to the Exceptionless UI and Foundatio core, Foundatio.Repositories, and Foundatio.Parsers. Check everything out, below.

Exceptionless Changes #

  • We added the ability to collect project-level usage statistics. This allows us to view usage, show total blocked in emails, and more. It would also allow us to tweak rate limiting on a per-project basis.
  • You can now add notes to API keys in the app.
  • We also stopped throttling free plans.
  • And, finally, we introduced variou mail templates into the mix.

Exceptionless.UI Updates #

  • On the manage project page, we are now showing project usage statistics.
  • On the sessions dashboard, we have added the ability to see active users.
  • On the stack and session dashboards, we are now always showing hidden or fixed events.
  • When you select a usage time range, you will be redirect to the organization or project dashboard.

Updates to Foundatio, Foundatio.Repositories, and Foundatio.Parsers #

  • In Foundatio core, we merged in the CloudWatch Metric clients and SQS changes. We also moved each client into its own repo.
  • For Foundatio.Repositories and Foundatio.Parsers, we created the final 1.x release and merged in the Elasticsearch 5 branches.


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