Exceptionless.NET 4.0 - .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Support!

That's right folks, with the release of Exceptionless.NET 4.0 you can now build .NET applications with Exceptionless on Linux, MacOS, and Windows!

We've added .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and .NET Standard 1.2+ support.

We know many of you have been waiting for this, and it's been a long time coming, but we sat down, put in the hours, and made it happen for you guys!

Exceptionless on Mac OSX(/assets/Screen-Shot-2016-06-28-at-3.08.17-PM.png)

The NuGet package now supports .NET Standard 1.2+, PCL Profile 151, and .NET 4.5.

To make upgrading easy, the Exceptionless.Portable NuGet package still exists and is dependent on the Exceptionless Package.

If .NET 4.0 is a requirement for your projects, you will need to continue using the Exceptionless.NET v3.5 NuGet Packages, which are not being deprecated.

As a matter of housekeeping, we removed the ExceptionlessClient.Current property, which was replaced with ExceptionlessClient.Default in v2.0.0, and the configuration EnableSSL properties (also deprecated in v2).

Upgrading #

Updating the NuGet packages should be all you need to do if you are upgrading from Exceptionless.NET v2 or v3. Take a look at the upgrade guide if you have any questions.