Upgrading from Exceptionless 3.x #

  • The Exceptionless.Portable package and Exceptionless.Extras assembly was merged into the Exceptionless package.
  • The ExceptionlessClient.Default.Register() method has been removed as the functionality was merged into ExceptionlessClient.Default.Startup() method.

Upgrading from Exceptionless 2.x #

  • IEventEnrichment has been renamed to IEventPlugin
  • IEventPlugin.Enrich(context, event) signature has been changed to IEventPlugin.Run(context). The event has been moved to the context
  • client.Configuration.AddEnrichment<IEventEnrichment>(); has been renamed to client.Configuration.AddPlugin<IEventPlugin>();
  • EventPluginContext.Data property has been renamed to EventPluginContext.ContextData
  • EventSubmittingEventArgs.EnrichmentContextData property has been renamed to EventSubmittingEventArgs.PluginContextData

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